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Pegs not only for your laundry 😅

Updated: May 3, 2019

The production line continues to work! I've finally finished the peg cards. It's simply a multiple choice activity with a twist, the twist being that you mark the answers with laundry pegs instead of marking them with a pen 😄

What kind of pegs? Up to you really. I try to use wooden ones instead of plastic ones. You can use standard sized ones or the cute tiny ones 😍 The only difference is that the cute tiny ones usually have not so cute and not so tiny price tags 😜 I'd show you mine but they're at work and I'm already at home.

Once the peg is one the card we flip it over and check the answer. I stick the question card and answer card together using double sided tape AFTER I had laminated them. They're sturdier this way.

When my kids work with them, I ask them to put aside the cards on which they got the answer wrong. Once they're done, we analyse the mistakes together. They explain to me what they did wrong and why. It works perfectly! In our classroom we cultivate the love of mistakes because you can learn so much from them 😊

The cards are a mixed set of "to be" and "have got" questions. "Have got" questions are not as difficult to grasp as "to be" questions. The kids had lots of time and learning aids to practise short answers with "to be" (click here), and they can study "have got" questions using the velcro cards I showed you here. This is why I've decided to make this set a mix of both, so the kids practise the general rule of creating short answers.

Next on the production line is a set with "can" questions added to the already existing questions.

Have fun creating,

Ewa :)

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