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Healthy and delicious smoothies 😋 or how to customise the course book

Updated: May 2, 2019

I really thought that this lesson is going to be one of those "open your books, let's do some exercises" ones. But as I sat down to look through the book and plan it my brain just wouldn't let me be lazy 😝

I think I haven't used even one exercise from the course book doing the "Food" chapter. Each time I look at the pages from the book I come up with an idea of doing something different, something more. I like to think that you don't have to reinvent the wheel but simply customise it: there's no need of coming up with every single activity from scratch. There are a lot of good ideas in course books, but what you can do with them is customise them, take them 'out of the book' and use differently.

This time the book offered a short text on smoothies, followed by an activity to introduce new vocabulary: healthy, unhealthy, delicious, horrible, ect. We're going to read the text but I'm putting my own spin on the activity.

I've prepared an A3 sheet of paper for each of my kids with their name written on the top. Their task is to write their own smoothie recipe. I'll show them an example of the recipe I wrote at home. Once the recipes are done they'll stick them to the A3 paper and we'll display all of them around the classroom.

Now their task is to walk around the classroom, read every recipe and write what they think about it on sticky notes, using the new vocabulary. I made an example for them so you can see what I mean as well:

The new vocabulary will be displayed around the classroom as well so if they forget a word they can run and check it.

In this one activity they will practise using the new vocabulary; they will practise writing; they will practise reading; they will revise writing sentences with linking words "and" and "but"; they will revise expressing their opinion using "I think" and "I don't think"; they will revise using the saxon genitive 's! They'll be sitting down for some parts and moving around for others. All of this in just one simple activity which, I hope, is going o be quite fun once they get into writing recipes for the "horrible" and "unhealthy" smoothies 😅

When the activity is done they will read their friends opinions and hopefully laugh and enjoy the whole experience. In the next lesson we will practise expressing opinions verbally.

So there you go. No technology, no hours of cutting, no laminating. Just a piece of paper, some sticky notes, and a pen 😊

Have fun creating,

Ewa :)

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