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Short answer velcro cards ... someone's been prolific 😂 and an exciting announcement 🎉🎉🎉

Updated: May 3, 2019

So ... the school year is coming! And with it my grade 4 is becoming grade 5! And grade 5 has many thing to learn and many things to revise. That being the case, I have been busy at work for the last 2 weeks, creating new materials for them.

You know this material: it's my short answer velcro cards!! So far you've seen the "to be", "have/has got" and "to be/have got/can" sets. The family has grown and will continue growing this school year.

As of now, the sets available are as follows:

to be

have/has got

to be/have got/can

there is/are

present simple

present continuous

present simple and present continuous mixed

to be/have got/can/there/PS/PC

Told you: prolific 😜 Most sets (with one exception) consist of 40 cards, the only set that is smaller is the "there is/are" set which consists of 20 cards.

How do these cards work, I hear you ask? Well, you print our the digital PDF file, laminate everything and get cutting. Cut of the answer words from the questions. I put sellotape around mine, to make them more resilient. Put small velcro dots at the back of the words and on the question cards. If you wish, stick the cards with right answers at the back of each question card, that's what I do.

My kids work with cards on their own and check their answers on their own. Only when they make mistakes they come to me to show me what went wrong and explain to me how to change it, and what they've learnt - in a true Montessori fashion 😍

The sets which are mixed are made up of the same questions as the non-mixed sets. The difference comes in the colour of the cards. Say, you want your students to practise Present Simple short answers - you give them the Present Simple set, which is purple. Same goes for Present Continuous, which is orange. However, if you want your students to practise both tenses and you don't want them to use the colour of the cards as help, you give them the mixed set: half the questions are PS the other half PC, but all cards are of the same colour, pink in this case.

And now for the exciting announcement bit ....

Montenglish has opened its own online shop!!! 🎉🎉

I've wanted to do this for a very long time and recently two great Polish bloggers have paved the way and opened their online shop with amazing materials. That was the push that I needed. Thank you Head Full of Ideas and Funglish 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Now, don't get me wrong. I will still share lots of materials and ideas with you for free 🤗 It's only the materials that take hours and hours and hours to create that will make their way to the online shop.

I am very excited about this little adventure of mine !! Soon, I will upload my brand new material created for practising sentence structure, so watch this space.

To purchase any of the short answers sets, head to the shop section on the top of the page. The sets are 10zl each, and it's 5zl for the "there is/are" set. There's also a bundle available, in which you get all 8 sets for 65zl.

I hope you'll find my materials useful and worthy of being purchased 😊

Have fun creating,

Ewa :)

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