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order about is word this post 😝 Get it? 😉

Updated: May 3, 2019

So .... I've been busy. The school year is upon us and I've already spent a week at school preparing my classroom. My computer, the printer and the laminating machine are probably having meetings moaning about how I'm abusing them 😂

Among many of the things I have to print and laminate is my new teaching aid: word order scrambled sentences practice (I guess now you get the title 😅). I created it for my 5th graders who are going to study a lot of grammatical tenses this year. They are good with vocab, but when it comes to structuring full sentences a lot of them struggle. I showed the first set to grade 1-3 teachers at my school and they're already keen on using it with their kiddos. I also have an 8th grader who still struggles with word order so I'm going to use it with her. So as you can see it can be used with kids at various ages.

It's quite simple to assemble: print the files. laminate them and cut out the words. No velcro this time to speed up the process, but feel free it add it if you think it will work better.

One set is composed of the above pages: an empty grid, word cards, an answer sheet. The kids know which colour words are supposed to make up a sentences. They see which ones are supposed to be questions (question marks at the end). Every set consists of 7 sentences, but as you can see this is set 12 for Present Simple. So you get 84 scrambled sentences to work with!

Sets I've made so far are for Present Simple (12) and "there is/are" (8). I'm currently working on a "be/can/have" set.

I'm going to store all my sets in plastic envelopes: the word cards will go into a small envelope which will go inside an A4 envelope together with the grid and answer sheet.

Students may choose to work with just one set or they can work with all of them one after the other. The only thing they will have to take care of is not to mix the word cards. So once they're done with set 1, they put in away and move on to set 2 ... or 5 ... or whatever.

'There is/are" sets are all mixed: you have questions, negations, positive statement on each sheet. With Present Simple you'll notice its a bit different: it's graded. You start with positive statement, then negations, then questions, and so on and so on. At the end (set 11 and 12) it's all mixed up.

Once my first set is cut up and packed I'm going to show you pictures of the material ready to be used. You may download a sample set (set 12) for Present Simple below:

The whole set, along with the 'there is/are' set is available in the shop sections. It's 50 groszy per set right now (50%!!! off till September 3rd 😃) so it will cost you only 6zł for a collection of 84 sentences!! I'd call this a bargain 😅

Have fun creating,

Ewa :)

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