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One post ... 12 ideas!! Get your students working on their own, sit back and enjoy 馃槍

Updated: May 3, 2019

And so it has begun. A new school year is here and after a week of easing ourselves into the new routine, grade 5 and I are ready to get down to business! For the next week or two we will be revising ... and when I say we I really mean them, because my plan is to sip coffee and watch them work on their own 馃槈

To achieve that blissful state I first needed to plan and create materials which require no or little involvement from me during the lessons. This post puts them all in one place 馃槉

Practising vocabulary

Spell check

For those of you who don't know what a spell check is: it is a material I create for vocabulary learning, spelling specifically. It is a simple list of all the vocabulary items I want my kids to learn. I usually base it on the book we're using in the class. This year my kids aren't working with books but I'm still using Brainy as my basis for planning so I created this spell check based on Brainy 5 Unit 1.

How to use it: kids copy the sheets and fold them along the dotted lines. They can only see words in their L1 (Polish). They write the English equivalent in the empty space next to the L1 word. Once they're done they open the folded paper and check if their spelling is correct. They correct their spelling mistakes and keep the spell check. Next time they want to practise spelling they can look at the previously done spell checks to see what mistakes they'd made. The kids work completely on their own. They do not need me even for one second of the whole process 馃槒

DOWNLOAD Brainy 5 Unit 1 spell check

Read more about spell checks here.


Kaboom! is a language game in which players draw sticks with words written on them. If they know the word they keep the stick. One stick is one point. If they don't know the word from the stick, they put it back with all the other sticks. The winner is the person with most sticks at the end of the game. If at any point of the game a player draws a stick with "Kaboom!!!" written on it, they have to give back all the sticks they've collected so far.