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There are a couple of activities to teach "there is/there are" 馃槈

Updated: May 3, 2019

The next few weeks with grade 5 will be devoted to practising "there is/there are" sentences. We'll be also studying vocabulary connected with rooms in the house and various parts of houses in general. As you know I like to create a couple of different materials for my kids to work with independently and this post is a sum up of all the materials I have prepared for "there is/are" up to this point 馃槉

Practising vocabulary

Spell check

As always, my kids will be practising spelling of the new vocabulary items using spell-checks. Spell-check is a list of words designed in a way that lets students practise and check their own spelling. They simply fold the page to see only the L1 vocabulary and write the the L2 equivalents next to it. Later, they unfold the page and compare their spelling with the correct one and fix any mistakes they've made. For this spell-check I've used vocabulary from unit 2 of Brainy 5. Feel free to use it with your students.

DOWNLOAD Brainy 5 Unit 2 spell-check

If you'd like to read more about spell-checks read this post.


This game is also always available for my students. They get to practise the pronunciation of all the words in a fun and engaging way. My Kaboom sticks have pronunciation of words recorded onto them. If you'd like to know how that's even possible read