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Adjectives, adjectives, adjectives everywhere 🍎

Updated: May 3, 2019

So ... I don't know if you got it ... but I'm currently teaching adjectives 😅 Well, I'm saying currently because it will be current tomorrow or any time after that, when you most probably will read this post.

The grammar objective for the next unit is 'comparative and superlative'. But I can't teach how to compare adjectives if my kids don't have a good vocab base of adjectives to begin with. So the next couple of activities are designed to create that lovely base 😉

Activity 1: a song!

I haven't done many songs with my kids last year and honestly I don't know why! I love songs, they love songs. They're at the age where they still want to sing publicly no matter what their singing voice is 😂 so I gotta use that!

We are going to start with Kid's Box 3 "Different People" song. Check it out:

I just KNOW that they will try to do the dance! What I also like is that this song has a rapping vibe to it so the boys should get well into it 😁

Activity 2: note taking with a twist!

Thanks to the brilliant One-to-One blog I have recently learnt about and their great Rebus Generator. I used it to create these babies:

I made 44 cards like this. Tomorrow I'm going to hang them up around the classroom. I will give my kids a handout with all the words in Polish and they will have to work out their English equivalents by running around the classroom and solving the riddles 😁

Activity 3: Kaboom!

Am I being boring with this one? What can I say ... I like this game. So again I've made a set of Kaboom sticks for the kiddos. They're based on Brainy 5 unit 3 but I've extended the amount of adjectives extensively. Also, look at how cute they look with the owl Washi Tape on them 😍

I'm such a dork 😝

Activity 4: Quizlet!

I made two Quizlet sets this time. Why you ask? Well ... I made the first set about a week ago, when I was preparing materials for this unit. We haven't started yet ... they've already been practising!! They knew I had a new set up and running within 20 minutes of me creating it! So I made another set about two days ago with vocabulary that is way more difficult 😜 I have to use the fact that they are obsessed with Quizlet!

Set 1 is based on the same vocab as the above Kaboom sticks. Set 2 has more difficult adjectives.

Activity 5: Express your opinion!

It's a bit risky but I like it: I'm going to write the names of all the teachers that teach my kids on big pieces of paper. I'm going to hang them up around the classroom and ask my kids to write down all the adjectives they think describe each teacher! One rule - they can't be mean and write things that would hurt someone's feelings. I think they're going to be very much motivated to do this activity. They L-O-V-E saying what they think 😬

To make this activity more student lead (as in, they don't ask me for every single word!) I've downloaded "Adjectives Word Wall" by Ms Joanne from TeachersPayTeachers. I'm going to display it in the classroom for reference.

Activity 6: The Apple Challenge!

Last but definitely not least, I am organising a challenge! The kids are going to get a simple handout which says "An apple can be ... ". Their task: come up with as many adjectives to describe an apple as you can. I'll give them a couple of days to complete it. The person with most adjectives is going to be crowned the Adjectives King or Queen! They have to give the meaning of every single adjective they'll have written on their handout to claim their title! This way, even if mum and dad help at home, the kids still have to remember all the words! Also, think of all the dictionary work that's going to happen with this activity! Can't wait for the coronation ceremony 😅

I think that with this amount of activities my kids will be ready to tackle comparatives and superlatives in the weeks to come. Watch this space for a post on all the goodies I've prepared or found online for adjective comparison.

Have fun creating,

Ewa ;)

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