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Pebbly irregular verbs and vocabulary 馃拵

Oh Flying Tiger Copenhagen ... we do have a love-hate relationship, don't we? I love your products but hate that you keep taking my money 馃槄 Nah, just kidding. It's all LOVE 馃槏

I went shopping for notebooks last week. I needed them to be really pretty because ... well ... I'm me 馃槄 There are a few places that would provide me with a nice notebook and Tiger (as I call it) is one of them. Seeing as:

I left with a bag full of goodies. Among said goodies were these lovely, shiny, little things:

Some time ago I wanted to make a game for my kids and I was trying to find something like these stones. The problem was I didn't know what they were what they were called or where to find them. I did go to Tiger to look for this "something" I needed but at that point they had not yet read my mind 馃槀 So you can probably imagine how happy I was when I saw these on my last visit.

So what is this game I needed them for, you ask. Well, the original idea was slightly different than what I ended up using them for. This is what the original board looked like:

The idea: roll the die - pick one phrase/word from the corresponding line - if it's correct, put your stone on it - get the whole row to win the game. Simple, right? Another option: play until all the squares are filled with stones and see who has more squares at the end.

DOWNLOAD daily routines board

If you speak Polish you can see that the board above is for daily routines. Since creating it ... well actually since I started writing this post I made more ... and I made them better 馃榿