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Christmas is coming! 🎄And so are Montenglish Vocabulary Enrichment Sets! 😍

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Ho ho ho and Merry Christmas a month ahead of time 😝

I am the last person to even utter the word "Christmas" before December 1st but there's no time like November to get new Christmas materials for your kiddos.

What I have for you today is very important to me. One of the first posts I have ever written had a picture in it that attracted a lot of attention and loads of questions from you. The question was "what is that?" and the picture was this one:

You were asking about the blue drawers and I told you that it's my original vocabulary learning system. I told you I'll share it with you some day . . . and the time has come 🎉📣🎉

Welcome to Montenglish VES: Vocabulary Enrichment Sets

Each Vocabulary Enrichment Set is composed of six different materials which work together to ... well ... enrich 😛 your students vocabulary. It is best for kids aged 6-9 but may be used with older kids as well and some parts of it will even work with preschoolers.

Christmas VES is the first one to start the series and there are many more to come. What makes each VES great are the beautiful original illustrations created by Barney Potts, a very talented artist and, I'm proud to say, my best friend 😊

I am working together with Barney to bring you a collection of didactic materials accompanied by an original Montenglish teaching and learning programme for children aged 6 to 9.

So what will you find in the Christmas VES? Take a look:

You will get:

17 three part cards

2 spell checks

picture dictionary "stickers"

mini booklets

sentence cards

sentence making cards

and a full description of how to organise your students' work with VES

Christmas VES is easily a months worth of work for your students. It follows a very specific work sequence and will work brilliantly in any primary classroom where children have independent self study time.

Christmas VES is divided into two parts: Christmas set 1 and Christmas set 2. The words were put in the two individual sets randomly. It has been done simply to limit the amount of vocabulary items the student is working with to not more than 10 at a time.

If you wish to start working with VES in your classroom simple buy your first set. You'll find all the necessary information on how to implement it inside 😉

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