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A Blast From The Past game

A Blast From The Past game


A Blast from the Past is a game which lets your students practise anf get better at using the Past Simple, Past Continuous, and Present Perfect tenses. 


The game follows the basic rules of Ludo: you need four counters for each player and a dice.


Players answer questions by choosong the correct form of the verb for each sentence. The right answer lets them draw a card with boosts like "get another turn" or "roll the dice and move forward". A wrong answer means they have to draw cards with obstacles like "move backwards" or "lose a turn". 


All the right answers can be found at the back of each card together with an explanation of my this particular tense should have been used in that sentence. The answer cards come in two versions - with Polish and with English explanations. 


Read more about the game here:


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