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'It is' vs. 'They are' sentence making cards with Pets vocab

'It is' vs. 'They are' sentence making cards with Pets vocab

A set of sentence making cards. Each card is composed of a picture and small words cards which can be attached to the card using velcro dots or magnet stickers.


The error control comes in the form of strips with correct sentences. Those can be stuck onto the back of each card using double sided tape (preferably before laminating) or attached to the bottom of each card using sellotape. The latter option will make the error contol strips fold and hide behind the card (see the photos).


The cards help practise the difference between the singular "it is" and plural "they are", as well as the use of 'a' before singular nouns and the -s- suffix at the end of plural nouns. 


The pictures used in the set correspond with the ones used in the Pets 1 and Pets 2 Vocab Enrichment Sets avaulable in the shop. 


You'll also find the same activity but with Toys vocab in the shop. 


This set of cards is also available as part of a BUNDLE

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