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Talking Pen "PENpal"

Talking Pen "PENpal"


The one, the onyl ... PENpal by MantraLingua is now available!! PENpal is a "talking" pen which lets you record sound onto ANYTHING using tiny stickers. Simply put the sticker on paper or any other surface, touch it with PENpal, talk straight into it like a microphone and voila! The sound is recorded. Next time you touch the sticker with the PEN you'll hear what you've recorded. 


It's an absolutly brilliant educational toy which allows teachers to create listening activities, talking flashcards, talking books, and many many more! It also allows your students to add sound to their work!


Each PELpal comes with a set of 100 stickers and a USB cable for charging. You'll also get acces to a short online course showing you how to use your new PENpal. If you'd like to enroll on the course before purchasing your device click here:


And finally: enjoy your lifelong access to "Montenglish Recordings Library" which you'll gain when you get your PENpal!! 


Read more about PENpal here:


What are you waiting for?? ;) 


    Your PENpal(s) will be sent via Paczkomaty inPost.



VAT Included
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