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Past Simple vs Present Perfect Slides

Past Simple vs Present Perfect Slides


The "Past Simple vs Present Perfect Slides" material is based on the Task Cards with the same title, available in the shop. The Slides are designed for larger groups of students as well as for the teachers who do not have the time or the need to creat self-study materials. 


The presentation is composed of 73 slides, each with one sentence with the correct answer hidden. After your students give you or write down their answers simply click and reveal the correct one. 


The material is a .zip file in which you'll find three options:

- Keynote presentation

- PowerPoint presentation

- a video (.m4v file) 


This material in a translation activity, and will work for students with Polish as their L1

  • File format

    This is a .zip file with three options:

    -Keynote (Mac)

    -PowerPoint (Windows)

    -m4v video

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