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Sam the Spud - facial body parts with 'have got'

Sam the Spud - facial body parts with 'have got'

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Introducing Sam the Spud!! 


Meet Sam, he's/she's a spud with colourful, moveable facial body parts which canbe arranged in many different ways. 


This material is perfect for teaching the 'have got' grammar structure as well as colours, face body parts, and basic adjectives


What you get are:


  • 80 task cards with a picture of an arranged Sam the Spud on one side, and a description of the face on the other, both written and recorded, making each card a reading and listening activity. There are 40 cards A and 40 cards B in this material. Cards A use 'have got' sentences only, cards B use both 'have got' and 'haven't got' sentences.
  • Face body parts in 7 different colours to be arranged according to the description OR for your students to make their own Sam the Spuds.
  • Word cards for creating students' own descriptions of their arranged Sam the Spuds, before they can write them in their notebooks


This one material will help your youngest students practise listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills all in a fun and interactive way. 


The material comes with a 30% discount code for PENpals! You can use your PENpal for the audio descriptions. The adio also comes in the form of QR codes so a PENpal is not required but it does make working with the material even more fun. 


Important: please check the separate discount file for the correct discount code. The code in the description of the materials will not work. 


Inside the zip file you will also find many activity ideas on how to work with the materials.


To learn more about this material, read this post: 

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