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Sam the Spud - find the mistake cards

Sam the Spud - find the mistake cards

SKU: StS:mistake

This is an accompanying material to Sam the Spud Create cards. 


In the zip. file you will find 20 Find the Mistake cards. Each card is composed of a picture and a description of Sam, with one mistake in the description. The students' task is to identify the mistake. 


Each card comes with both written and audio description. There is also an option of printing cards with only the audio description. 


Each card comes with error contol at the back, when printed doublesided.


The material comes with a 30% discount code for PENpals! You can use your PENpal for the audio descriptions. The adio also comes in the form of QR codes so a PENpal is not required but it does make working with the material even more fun. 


Important: please check the separate discount file for the correct discount code. The code in the description of the materials will not work. 


To learn more about this material, read this post: 

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    Zip file 

VAT Included
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