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Telling Time: Listening

Telling Time: Listening

SKU: TT-listening

This listening activty helps your students practise understaning time when someone says it to them. The set is composed of 10 pages, each with 7 mini listening tasks with error control. The student hears the time and has to write it down. 


The 10 pages come in three fonts to choose from: Montessori Script, ElementarzDwa, and Century Gothic.


The audio for each mini task is hidden in a QR code so your students get to use their phones in lessons, which is an added bonus :) 


If you've bought PENpal from the MonteShop you have the access to the MP3 files in the Recordings Library as well. In this case print out the pages without the QR codes on them and stick the big square PENpal stickers to the pages and add audio onto them usign CreateLINK PRO


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