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Vocabulary Enrichment Sets 2.0 🤩 How to help young learners study pets vocabulary

If you've been here for a while, you know that what I love and am all about is learner autonomy. I strive to do as little as possible in my lessons and have my students do as much as they can without my involvement. Yes, it does mean prepping a lot of materials before the lessons, but once these materials are ready I can reuse them for years.

One of the materials I adore creating is my Vocabulary Enrichment Sets. I adore them so much, that I have created a whole vocab learning system around them 🥰 Kids start to learn vocab using three part cards, then move on to learning to spell the words, and once they know all the words, they create their own little picture dictionary. I have a plan to write an e-book for you about the details of the whole system, how to work with it, and how to implement it in a Montessori 6-9 classroom. So keep your fingers crossed for me that I have enough time and motivation to do that during the summer holidays.

For now, I'm here to tell you that my Vocabulary Enrichment Sets (of which I have quite a collection in my shop) are getting an upgrade!! You might have noticed the recent arrival of the A3 Tracing Activity on my Instagram page and in the shop.

pets 1 tracing

The activity, as the name suggests, has to be printed on the A3 size paper. It can be then folded into 4 parts and stored in a container in a classroom. You can print many copies and have your students work with the activity whenever they want to practise writing the words. There are three line options in the activity: the one you can see above, with single line, and the ones below, with three lines in two colour options:

toys 1 tracing
numbers 1 tracing

The A3 Tracing Activity has been designed to help younger students practise spelling the word before moving on to spell-check's which are a part of the original VES design.

What has not reached the shop yet, are the Marker Tracing activity cards! These are going to become part of the Tracing Activities: one set of materials with both A3 Tracing and Marker Tracing on a specific topic. Have a look at the example cards below:

As you can see, the cards come in two designs: with lines and the Elementarz2 font, or without the lines.

So the learning to spell the words part of the VES learning system can now be extended into three levels! 🤩 Start your kids on the Marker Tracing activity, then have them move on to the A3 Tracing, and then once they feel confident enough let them crack on with the spell-checks. It goes without saying though, that the older kids can move straight to spell checks 😅 The Tracing activities have been designed for the youngest of my students who are still mastering the art of writing 😉

Now, what makes me REALLY excited is the second upgrade that VESs are getting 🤩 I've been using Wordwall quite a lot recently and I can see that my students, especially the young ones, are obsessed with it. So it dawned on me, that I can move each VES to Wordwall and give my students so many more options of practising the words.

Not only am I going to slowly move each VES to Wordwall and give you access to it, I am also doing something more fun with it 😁 I turned each game into a QR code card. There are two options of these cards: with a description of what's hidden in the code, and without the description. This way you are giving the children two ways of practising the words: they can either choose what they want to study and how OR that can have a little surprise once they scan the code. The code cards will also work perfectly as a warm up activity at the beginning of a 1-1 lesson, where the same rule would apply: choice vs. surprise.

QR codes for pets set 1 wordwall

How cool is that?! 😃 I am very excited and I hope that so are you 🌺 So here are the options that I've prepared for you:

🌟 Each VES will now come with Wordwall access links and the QR code cards

🌟 You can purchase the Tracing Activities as a separate product

🌟 You can buy a BUDLE of products, which will be composed of all the VESs of one topic and the Tracing Activity for this topic; the BUNDLE will also come with Wordwall activities for mixed sets of VES

And already today you may purchase the above options for the new:

Pets Vocabulary Enrichment Sets

🐕 Pets VES set 1 (three part cards, spell-check sheets, picture dictionary 'stickers' + Wordwall)

🐕 Pets VES set 2 (three part cards, spell-check sheets, picture dictionary 'stickers' + Wordwall)

🐕 Pets BUNDLE (all of the above + free Wordwall for mixed VES 1 and VES 2)

signn off

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