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Speaking Cards: to be, have got, can, is wearing

Speaking Cards: to be, have got, can, is wearing

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This material is composed of 30 character cards and 4 pages of word cards. Print and laminate all the pages and cut out all the circles with words for describig the characters. You can use velcro dots with this material or simply place the circles on the character cards. 


The student's task is describe the character in the picture using all the words around them. The words are divided into categories, which will require your students to use:


- 'to be'

- 'can'

- 'have got' 


You can also ask your students to describe the clothes that the charcter is wearing and their general appearance


You can decide if you want to choose the words for the stydents, have them choose the words they want, or have them pick the words randomly from a bag. 

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