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Money money money! Must be funny... (I know I'm being cheesy 😜)

Updated: May 3, 2019

Tomorrow we're going to start learning about the English money and asking about prices. I tried to find something online but I wasn't entirely happy about what was available so I made my own presentation. Part of it simply shows the notes and coins used in England, the other part is devoted to vocabulary and speaking/writing exercises. If you wish to use it in your lesson you need to know two things:

1) the part with stationary objects and their prices is there to practise asking for and giving the price. I stop the presentation at this point and ask the kids "How much is the pencil" etc.

2) the dialogue at the end is an example for the students to write their own. They're supposed to change the red words for their own.

I make my presentations on a Mac and can't upload them in their original format onto this blog. This is why I'm sharing it as a YouTube video. The presentation has a tiny tiny bit of Polish in it, but you can simple ignore it. It's only on one slide, translating the "How much is/are ... " question into its Polish equivalent.

I am fully aware that my little "animation" is not gonna lend me a call from Pixar with a job offer but I'm still pretty proud of it 😝

I don't have any notes at home but I do have some coins left from my last trip to England. I'm going to use these in the lesson as well just to let the kids touch the real thing, not just look at the picture.

Once the kids are done with the presentation, their task will be to their own shop (a poster) and write a dialogue to accompany it (the last bit of the presentation is going to help them with that).

I have a sneaky suspicion that they'll love the part of the lesson in which they'll get to "create" their own pounds and pennies 😄 I've created a little handout for them. All you need to do is print it and tell them to glue the parts together to get a double sided note. If you live in England you can simply buy play money. I might do that next time I'm in England.

I found those coin cards online and used them instead of making my own.

I think I'll print 4 copies for each student. I'd keep them as cards but I'm pretty sure that the kids will cut out the actual coin shapes.

A fun idea would be to open a shop in the next lesson. I might bring some things from home or buy something small and sell it to the kids. They'd have to ask for the prices in English ,obviously, and I'd only reply to grammatically correct sentences. They could use their money to pay for the products or they could write out "cheques". The cheque option would let them prtactise writing the pound symbol and, what's more, it would be a great listening activity revising numbers.

Have fun creating,

Ewa :)

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