Prepositions of place in action 馃殌

Updated: May 2, 2019

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Today I'd like to show you something I made a couple of years ago to practise prepositions of place with young learners. I wanted to have something for the kids to play with not just look at pictures. And as always, I wanted them to work on their own, without me helping them throughout the activity. This is when I made my coloured blocks! 馃槂

I bought plain wooden blocks online. It took me bit to figure out how to colour them until one day I was doing my nails 馃槃 I used the old nail varnish which I had collected over the years. Only once I made my blocks did I find out about Montessori wooden coloured blocks. Oh well ... I had mine custom made 馃槅

How to work with them? The blocks are accompanied by a set of cards which I designed. On one side of the card there's a short text describing the way the blocks are supposed to be arranged. On the other side there's a picture in two versions. The two versions are necessary because the blocks can be arranged from any side. This is what it looks like:

Each card also has a Penal sticker on the text side to make it possible for the kids to work with them even before they start reading in English. The kids read or listen to the description and arrange the blocks; they turn over the card and check whether their blocks look like the ones in the picture.

Later on the kids started making their own cards with pictures and descriptions. We laminated those and added them to the set. The kids were delighted 馃槉

The process of making the cards took ages. I had to create the files with the pictures in two versions and write a description for each of them. Then came printing, laminating, cutting. Once the cards were cut I had to stick them together (picture and text) using double sided tape and transparent sticky tape on the edges. It was a lot of work but the cards were made three years ago and they still look as good as they did on the first day 馃槉

I'm not attaching the files because I lost them in the my last computer emergency 馃槪 But don't worry, I'm planning to remake them 馃槈

Have fun creating,