It's all a matter of perspective 馃槈 The tale of this/that/these/those

Updated: Apr 8

Yesterday evening an amazing thing happened. After years (yes, years!!) of trying to come up with a material that would help my students practise demonstrative pronouns聽(this/that/these/those = t/t/t/t), I finally got it!聽聽馃帀聽馃帀聽馃帀聽馃帀

As you know my Montessori inspired classroom has聽shelves filled with various self-study聽materials but there was nothing for t/t/t/t. Yesterday, out of the blue:聽EUREKA!!

Perspective! The kids were learning about it in their art class recently. I can use it to show whether something's near or far!

And so the creating聽had聽begun 馃槃

First up,聽my favourite: picture cards. All the pictures come from google images search, I've had them on my computer for ages聽(sadly I can't remember where I got them from exactly). This is what I made:

Creating the perspective was a fun challenge 馃槄 I think it turned out quite good. So at this point I was sitting and staring at this tiger thinking "what next, what next ...." and so the tiger moved ... and then it multiplied ... and then changed into other animals聽馃榿

I kid you not, I was ecstatic聽聽馃槄 I聽dug up a material I聽made some time ago to practise t/t/t/t but never got round to actually using it with students. Only now I felt it was complete! I made the animal cards to match the list on the聽material below. To聽use the board you need two dice: 4 sided one and 12 sided one.聽Click on the board to download it.