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It's all a matter of perspective 😉 The tale of this/that/these/those

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Yesterday evening an amazing thing happened. After years (yes, years!!) of trying to come up with a material that would help my students practise demonstrative pronouns (this/that/these/those = t/t/t/t), I finally got it!  🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

As you know my Montessori inspired classroom has shelves filled with various self-study materials but there was nothing for t/t/t/t. Yesterday, out of the blue: EUREKA!!

Perspective! The kids were learning about it in their art class recently. I can use it to show whether something's near or far!

And so the creating had begun 😄

First up, my favourite: picture cards. All the pictures come from google images search, I've had them on my computer for ages (sadly I can't remember where I got them from exactly). This is what I made:

Creating the perspective was a fun challenge 😅 I think it turned out quite good. So at this point I was sitting and staring at this tiger thinking "what next, what next ...." and so the tiger moved ... and then it multiplied ... and then changed into other animals 😁

I kid you not, I was ecstatic  😅 I dug up a material I made some time ago to practise t/t/t/t but never got round to actually using it with students. Only now I felt it was complete! I made the animal cards to match the list on the material below. To use the board you need two dice: 4 sided one and 12 sided one. Click on the board to download it.

Student rolls the dice, decides whether to use 'is' or 'are' and then looks for the matching picture card. It can be done as a speaking activity or you can ask your students to write down the sentences. I'm going to let my students photocopy the pictures to paste them in their notebooks next to their sentences. 

For each picture card I also made a matching sentence card. The sentence card is at the back of the picture card. This way my students can work in pairs and quiz each other (one S can see the picture, the other S can see the sentence) or work individually and check their own answers. 

There's more! I made a Keynote presentation with all the pictures to practise the sentences first with the whole group. You can use it your lesson and pause before the sentence is displayed. Or even better, make your students come up with the sentence before they see it! They'll be racing against time 😅 

I'm too tired to make more but I'd love to have a set like this as well:  

It was a productive day 😅 Now all that's left to do is printing, laminating and cutting. And all YOU need to do is download the cards for free 😁 

Have fun creating,

Ewa :) 

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