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Multiple choice peg cards: "to be" "have got" and "can" all in one set

Updated: May 3, 2019

The wait is over ... that's if you were actually waiting 😅 The peg cards for practising short answers have been updated with "can" questions.

I didn't change all the questions. I added "can" questions to the existing cards, and I changed some of the answers.

If you haven't seen my peg cards before, they're pretty straight forward: each card had the correct answer on the back; kids use pegs to choose the answer which they think is correct. The completed set looks like this:

If you'd like to get the set with only "to be" questions click here.

For the mixed set of "to be" and "have got" click here.

You'll find the latest set in the download links below 😊

Have fun creating,

Ewa :)

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