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It's salad time!! An out-of-the-ordinary lesson plan to practise cooking vocabulary 👩🏼‍🍳👨🏽‍

Updated: May 2, 2019

My garde 5 kids have been working with food and cooking topics for the last two or three weeks. We did everything: starting with food vocab , going through some/any, a little/a few, how much/how many, adding containers vocabulary and finishing off with reading and listening to recipes. So now the time has come to summarise all of this. How? Only with the best grade 5 lesson of the year 🎉🎉 (according to the kids who did it last year 😅).

I need 90 minutes for this lesson so I swapped classes with one of my colleagues this one time.

It all started at home with me packing a bag full of knives, peelers, bowls, spoons, etc.

I had prepared three recipes for this lesson. I have 6 kids in my class (perks of working at a private school) and I wanted them to work in pairs. Each recipe has "ingredients" and "instructions" part. The recipes are all for salads so that you don't need a kitchen, a stove or anything that needs to be plugged in 😊

As their first task the students had to prepare a shopping list.

Then we went to a near-by supermarket:

When we came back to school they got down to business! The kids washed, chopped, sliced, mixed, seasoned and finally served their dishes to their friends and some teachers. Now this is what I call reading comprehension practise!!

When they were tidying up the classroom one of them asked whether they should throw out the recipes ... and I said yes. But why?! 😨 Little did they know that they would have to recreate the recipes from their memory and write them down on a lovely recipe paper I got from Flying Tiger shop:

The next step in this whole food related work is a project: students write their own recipe books. They also have an option of creating a mini culinary programme where they record themselves preparing a dish at home 🙂

I guess you could recreate this lesson with a bigger class if you'd give the shopping list as homework: kids do the shopping and bring products to school.

Have fun creating,

Ewa :)

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