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Velcro fun with "have got" short answer practice cards 😄

Updated: May 3, 2019

Long time no see ... again ... but today I'm here and I come bearing gifts 😊

I'm still covering chapter 4 of our course book "Brainy" by MacMillan Publishing. We were working on a big project and it took a lot of time. Thankfully I'm not one of those teachers who are desperate to cover all of the material from the book. What's more important for me is that they actually learn things and have fun while doing it (I've been blessed with a headmistress who is of the same opinion).

We're working on "Family" unit so naturally we needed something to practise "have got". One of the materials I've created is the 'short answer velcro cards' set (exactly like the one I made for "to be" and which you can find here). This is what the cards look like:

At the back of each card there's an answer card for the kids to check the answers themselves. Both the question cards and the answer cards are printed and laminated separately, and later stuck together using double sided tape. It's a lot of work but the cards are more durable this way.

The "to be" set worked magic on my kids. Next in line is a mixed set for "to be", "have got", and "can". Edit: it already exists and you can find it here 😉

I'm nearly done with the peg cards for "to be" and "have got" as well. Once I'm done I'll share those with you as well 😄 Edit: they already exist as well and you can find them here 😉

Have fun creating,

Ewa :)

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