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Summer school lessons: even more idioms! Are you all ears? I'm not pulling your leg 馃槄

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

I am still at my lovely summer camp. I will be here for another 5 weeks so there are probably a couple more post coming your way. Somehow this year I am all about vocab lessons, which is unlike me cause I always base my lessons around a grammar point. Not this time ... again 馃槤

So I am still doing idioms. Why, you ask? Because it is really difficult to plan lessons on a summer camp. You don't know the kids, you have no idea what they're studying at school; they're from many different countries; and you have a week to teach them something new. Idioms are always a safe choice. They're not usually covered at schools and even if they are it doesn't happen a lot, especially with younger learners. So idioms it is! This time round, I gibe you idioms connected with body parts.

Like with the previous lesson, I based the materials on "Instant Lessons Advanced" from Penguin English. This is what we get in the book:

And this is how I jazzed it up 馃槄

(half of this picture is a different lesson which is not described in the post 馃槈)


I put the kids in pairs and gave each pair an envelope full of words on small pieces of paper. The pieces of paper were in various colours, laminated (so I can reuse them). The students task was to arrange the words into idioms. Now, they might have never heard most of them as far as I knew, so what I did was write all the words for each idiom on a different colour paper. This way they knew which words they were supposed to use and the task was more to use their general knowledge of English to assemble the words together so that they sound like they make sense.