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Another day, another idiom activity idea 😅

Updated: May 3, 2019

So recently I told you about a couple of lesson ideas filled with various activities to study idioms. I was re-doing one of those lessons with a new group of kids this week and I came up with an alternative way of doing one of the activities.

Remember this:

If you don't check out the original idea for this material here.

The new idea goes as follows:


Students get the idioms cut up into separate colour coded word. They word as a group to recreate the idioms. They don't know the idioms. It's the first time they're working with them, hence the colour coding. Each idioms is made up of words in the same colour so the kids just have to work out the word order. Up until now the activity is pretty much as it was. The change comes now: as they assemble the idioms and check with me whether they did it correctly they make a note of each idiom on this worksheet (you can download it when you click on it):


Once they all have their handouts ready they have to get the definitions for what they actually mean. This time instead of working in pars and having a running dictation they worked individually looking through these:

I wrote each idiom on top and then definitions on the bottom. I have 5 kids taking English lessons this week so I have five definitions of each idiom. Students need to find all the idioms, scattered around camp/classroom, rip off one definition and stick it onto the handout, next to the right idiom 😁 It can be obviously done as a race.

There it is, an update on what else can be done with idioms. Of course feel free to download this activity as well.

Have fun creating,

Ewa ;)

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