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The never ending story of irregular verbs

Updated: May 3, 2019

So it’s that time again when I have to either introduce, extend or revise irregular verbs.

I love making materials, I really do .... but I can never get it quite right with irregular verbs. There’s always something missing and I feel that I could have made something better.

Well this time round, at least at this point in time, I am actually happy with what I’ve create 😃

The first thing is quite an extensive set of Kaboom sticks. Each verb is on three sticks: one stick is missing the present form of the verb; another one is missing the past simple form; another one, past participle. There are 76 verbs so that means 228 sticks plus 27 "kaboom" sticks ... I'd recommend dividing them into a couple of sets 😅 My kids learn 10 verbs each month so the first set has 35 sticks (30 +5).

You can download the document with all the verbs below, both in colour and black and white. I'd suggest printing it on sticker paper 😉

Another thing is a simple set of verbs in all forms and their translations. I cut it into separate pieces and stuck magnet stickers on the reverse. This way it makes an interactive board, not just a simple list of irregular verbs. We will keep it somewhere on the wall in our classroom but whenever someone wants to practise, they can take all the magnets off, mix them up, and try to arrange them again. They have the list of verbs at the back of their books so they can use this as an answer sheet once they're done arranging the verbs.

I've made those cards even more interactive by sticking Penpal stickers on them and recording the pronunciation of each verb form. See how it works below:

I also have a couple of things I downloaded from TeachersPayTeachers. Click on the pictures below to see the materials in full. They all have the present and past form of the verbs only, no past participle. That's because we are actually practising Past Simple only at this point. Past Perfect will come later in the school year, that's why we're studying all three forms on my materials.

I have, who has game from Fishyrobb

Irregular Verbs QR Code Task Cards from Lindy du Plessis

I will also be using the irregular verbs game from One-To-One blog and the "ogarnij borda" activity from AngSchool 😁

Lots of materials, lots of inspiration!! Grab what you like and enjoy 😊

Have fun creating,

Ewa ;)

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