Good ... better ... THE BEST ideas to teach the comparative and the superlative 馃榾

Updated: May 3, 2019

I promised to share my ideas for teaching the comparative and the superlative so here I am 馃榿 Let's get straight into it:

Activity 1

The first thing we did was ... A SONG 馃幎馃幍馃幎 Yes, I am recently obsessed with introducing new songs. Yes, they're all from Kid's Box by Cambridge University Press 馃槄 This time, to introduce the comparative form of the adjective we learnt this:

Don't you just love this one. So much passion in the chorus 馃槀 #kidsboxsongsarefanatic

Activity 2

We practised creating sentences with comparative adjectives in a pair work activity using flash cards. I made a set of 20 cards for each pair of students. They were taking turns testing each other: one side of the flashcard had a name of two animals and an adjective; the other side had the correct sentence.

I laminated one set of the cards (I made this one prettier 馃槄) and left it for them on the English shelve to practise during study time.

DOWNLOAD the no-frame set

Activity 3

Once everyone knew what the deal is, more or less, with comparing adjectives the time came to introduce the spelling rules. Instead of just telling them what these are I gave them an activity in which they discovered the rules by themselves 馃榿