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After a long break - a new set of Scrambled Sentences!

Scrambled Sentences are back, baby! 😃 I couldn't get round to creating a new set for ages, but it's finally here and it's for the Present Perfect 🥳

For those of you who don't know my Scrambled Sentences, they are a grammar practise activity which helps your students practise word order in various tenses and other grammar structures. You start with positive sentences, then it's over to negative, then questions, and then the mixed sets. The idea is very simple: you assemble sentences using cut up words, and later check if you did it correctly using the answer sheet.

A very simple activity, yet it covers all the bases: we have control of error, there's hand manipulation, there're attractive looking, there's isolation of difficulty, and there's progression. #Montessori 😏

Take a look at one of the first sets I've ever made:

The majority of the sets have one more additional activity sheet, about which I wrote here. The idea of this activity is to change sentence forms: if the Scrambled Sentence is positive, the student has to write down its negative form and the question form; if the sentence is a question, they need to write down the positive and the negative statements. This time round, however, I'm not doing that. Changing sentences in Present Perfect would require a lot more knowledge. I'm not saying that my kiddos wouldn't be able to do it, but this is not what this didactic aid is about. It would simply add to much on top of what they're supposed to be practising. You know what I mean, right? For example, if you were to change "I have already finished my lunch" into a negative you'd have to remember about changing "already" to "yet" and also to put it at the end of the sentence. So I don't think this set is going to get the add-on activity. It doesn't have one at the moment.

At this point, here's what's available in the shop:

Some of the add-on activities are already in the sets, but some of the first ones don't have them attached. You can get those for free in the downloads section.

And if you already own all of the above, here's the new addition to the family 😁

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