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Here to stay! My favourite teaching apps and websites: Glogster

Part 2 of "Here to stay" series has arrived. In this series of posts I write about apps and websites which I started using at the beginning of online teaching back in March 2020, and which I'm planning to keep in my teaching practise once we're back in the classroom. The first website/app I wrote about was Flipgrid and you can read all about it here. Today's hero: Glogster!

Glogster is a website which lets you create multimedia posters 馃槏 Basically, imagine you're asking your kids to create a poster. What would they do? They'd get a biggish piece of paper, print and/or cut out some photos and add some writing. With Glogster you do the same thing, but online. So what makes it special? Well, the fact that you can add so much more than just pictures and writing! You can add videos which will play straight from your poster; you can add 3D shapes which you can move around with your cursor; you can add sound, like songs or your own narration; you can add documents, spreadsheets, Flickr images, YouTube videos, Khan Academy videos and SO MUCH MORE! Honestly, the possibilities seem endless to me at this point 馃槄

The website is brilliant with what it offers to its users and that is why it is not free. There are, however, many different pricing options. See for yourselves

I pay on a monthly basis at this point, but I'm planning to ask the school to get the faculty option.

How it works: as a teacher, you create an account and receive your individual Educator Code. You then create classes and add your students. Students can create their own free accounts. They'll need to know your educator code for that. You can also create accounts for your students and sent them the log-in information. You need to tell your students that once they're in your Glogster class, you'll have access to everything they do there, you can even access their account and change their password or delete their projects. You can do anything you want on their account as if you were them.

Once you've got your students in your classes, it's time to create a project. You can add a title and a description of your project, and you can assign it to a chosen class. Once you click "assign to class", all your students will see this project on their dashboards and you'll see them working on the project. All their personal Glogs will appear in the project tab.

It's now time to create a Glog. Look at all the options you have: