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PENpal - educational talking pens which will change the way your students learn

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

If you've read any of my posts or have downloaded/purchased any of my teaching aids, you probably read somewhere in them about PENpal and PENpal stickers. I've mentioned the device in a couple of places, but never went into much detail about it. Today is the day! It's time to tell you all about my favourite learning device 馃榾

What is PENpal?

MantraLingua PENpal

PENpal is a talking device created by MantraLingua which allows you to record and play audio. PENpal works with specifically designed recordable sticky labels. What you do, is take a sticky label and attach it to anything you want: books, paper, laminated pages, furniture, clothes ... literally anything you can think of. The glue on the back of each label is quite strong so you can be sure that the label will stay where you want it to be. The labels come in three sizes: small circles, big circles, and big squares. The letter on each label tells you what set it comes from.

Your next step is to turn on your PENpal and wait for it to welcome you 馃槃 Yes, your PENpal will say "Welcome to PENpal. Touch the Start Arrow to continue" each time you turn it on. A small light is going to be on as well.

How to record sound onto PENpal?

There are two ways in which you can get sound onto your sticky labels for your PENpal to play back.

Option 1:

The first one is extremely easy and requires no software whatsoever. You'll see a button on your PENpal with the letter M. This button lets you switch to the "Recording Mode". Your PANpal will tell you that you're in the Recording Mode and the light on your device will change colour to red.

Your PENpal is now ready to record. There's a third button on the device with a picture of a microphone. Press and hold this button. Now touch the sticky label with the tip of your pen, while holding the microphone button until you hear a beep sound and the light changes from red to light blue. The sound and light change mean your PENpal is now recording. Let go of the microphone button and start talking to your device like to a microphone.