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You'd like some question tags materials, wouldn't you?

So that took a long time 😅 When I was posting about this material on my Instagram page about a month ago, I honestly thought I'd be done within, like, two/three days. Well, better late that never, right? 😉

So for a long time now I wanted to prepare something that would help my students practise question tags. This grammar point is easy enough for the strong students, but some of my weaker kids struggled with it sometimes. If you've read any of my previous posts, you know that I'm not a fan of 1)worksheets and 2)exercises with only 10-15 examples. And seeing as my students seem to like working with task cards, the decision was easy - task cards it is!

It took me a long time to prepare them. Thankfully it was all happening around the time when I was sick ... they were sick ... Christmas ... winter break ... What I mean is, I had time, and even though a month has passed, they still need to practise.

Question Tags Task Cards are a different design to the majority of my other task cards, and this is good news to those of you who don't like playing with sellotape. There's none of that this time round. Each card has the error control on the back of the card. It's important to remember that you have to set your printer to print double-sided along the shorter edge (that's what the setting is called on my printer, so I hope it's a general setting on all the printers 😅).

I took the cards to the next level with error control this time round 🤩 On top of the correct answer, my students get an analysis of why this is the correct answer. See what I mean for yourselves:

Snazzy, eh? 😅 Also, you may now realise why it took so freaking long to make them 😂

There are 108 cards in this material and the grammar points covered are:

  • Present Simple

  • Past Simple

  • Present Perfect

  • Future Simple

  • am/is/are

  • was/were

  • have got

  • modals

I made more cards to practise the particularly difficult examples, eg. the Present Simple and the Past Simple negative tags, or the "aren't I" tag. There are also more cards to practise the difference between the Present Perfect "have" and the possessive "have", which seems to be problematic even for the more advanced learners (and some teachers 🙊).

As always, I tried to make the material aesthetically pleasing, so it's printed on card not plain paper to make it thicker and thus sturdier and not see-through. The front side of each card has a pink frame and dotted lines to make the cutting easier 😊

And I have a bonus creative activity for you 😀 I was finishing the cards yesterday and thinking of sentences to put on them and it dawned on me that in my head, when I think of a sentence to put on a card, I see a whole scene in which this sentence would have been used. So why not give your students this task?! It can be a whole class activity during a lesson or a fun follow up activity to write and perform dialogues in which they'd have to use sentences from the cards with the correct tags and the correct intonation of the tags. Can you imagine the amount of different dialogues with a combination of "You would say that, wouldn't you?" and "Mark hasn't phoned yet, has he?". With my teens, I'm sensing a lot of hilarious, overly dramatic dialogues 😂

If your students are advanced enough, you could even turn into a Go Fish activity. If you don't know what Go Fish is, it's an activity in which students are performing a dialogue on any topic and there's a bowl (or something like that) with different words or sentences written on small pieces of paper between them. Each time the teacher or other students say "go fish!" each student needs to take a piece of paper and incorporate whatever is written on the paper into their dialogue. The idea literally came to me as I'm writing this 😅

The Question Tags Task Cards are now available in my shop and hopefully they'll come in handy in your classroom or at home 😊 Enjoy!

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