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Spinning wheels, buzzers and lightning rounds! A revision lesson with a game show twist 馃榿

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Today I'd like to share a lesson idea with you. The lesson is based on a material created by Funglish, which you can find here. It's a game of bingo designed to practise the Present Simple and the Present Continuous tenses. I used it to create a presentation which turned my lesson into a GAME SHOW!! 馃槂

So, to recreate my game show lesson, which by the way is a revision lesson for both tenses, you need a couple of items. You can buy them online or in FlyingTiger - every teacher's favourite shop 馃槄 You need:

1. a wheel of fortune - I got mine at FlyingTiger ages ago and finally got to use it!

2. answer buzzers - I got mine online, also ages ago, I think it was here

3. paper and pens

4. tasks/questions presentation

The game show was divided into three rounds. We played it in three teams of 5, 5 and 6 students (that's how many students I had in my lesson on that day, you can have more teams with various number of players).

Round 1: Spin the wheel!

In this round each team gets a go and it's only that specific team that gets to answer the question displayed on the board. One member of the team gets to come up to the board and spin the wheel. The wheel decides what type of sentence they will have to create: a positive statement, a negative statement or a question (I stuck sticky notes with 鉁旓笌, 鉁 and ? on my wheel). The student who spins the wheel has to create a sentence, but they can consult with the other members of the team. If the sentence is correct the team gets a point.

Like I said earlier, I used Funglish bingo cards as questions. In this round each slide looked like the one below: