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A Blast from the Past ... or ... a post I've been writing for the last 6 weeks 😅

The new school year started with the same resolution as the last one: this year I'm going to post regularly! So here we are on October 21st with me finally trying to write something 🤣

Why today is the day? Because I have to prove to my boyfriend that if I say I'm gonna do something, I'm gonna do it no matter how tired I am! In your face, Cezary!

I'm coming to you today with a new game!! 🥳 Something for your students to practise Past Simple, Past Continuous, and Present Perfect. I called this one "A Blast from the Past" 😁

As you can see in the picture, the game is based on the rules of Ludo but as is the case with all my games, there's a grammar twist to it. To move along the board students need to fill sentences with missing verbs in the correct form. A correct answer lets them move forward, a wrong answer makes them go backwards or stay put. The first one to get all four counters to their "home" wins the game. Yes, it takes ages to finish at the beginning, so feel free to tell your students to play with only two counters or to avoid the classic Ludo rule of taking out your opponent's counter when you land on the same spot as they are on.

The 'move forwards' and 'move backwards' cards come in various forms. Sometimes you have to roll the dice, sometimes the card tells how many steps to take; sometimes you can add another counter to the boards, sometimes you get a choice to move backwards or forfeit one of your counters. You never know what card you'll end up with.

Print out the pages as many times as you like to make more cards.

The question cards have all the answer at the back, together with an explanation of why the answer is correct. This time there are no QR codes with hidden answers so no technology is required to pay this game. You have to assemble the cards, though, in a way that will give you the answers at the back. Here's how to do it:

  1. print out the question cards on paper or card

  2. print out the answers on sticker paper (any A4 sticker paper you can find online will do the trick)

  3. once you have both questions and answers, stick them together making sure the corners of both sheets of paper align

  4. laminate and cut

The question and answer pages are numbered so you'll know which ones should go together. I also edited them in such a way that they will be perfectly centred. Don't be alarmed that the answer is not in the same place as the question when you print them out. The pages are mirrored. Trust me, it will work 😉

There are two types of answer pages: ones with explanations in Polish and ones with explanations in English. You can choose which ones are better for your students 😊

When you put all the question cards on a pile, you'll end up always seeing the next question. To avoid this I made a cover for the question cards which should always be placed at the top of the pile. You'll find it at the back of the PDF file.

There are also two board: a smaller one and a bigger one to choose from. The smaller one will, obviously, take less time to play and actually finish in one standard length lesson 😅

What you'll also find in the PDF file are both board, small and big, in four parts. You can print these out and make a foldable board, kind of like the one I made here.

And there you have it! A new Montenglish word game to torture your students with 😅 Just kidding, obviously! Kids love it!!

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