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Codes, padlocks, and puzzles . . . It's Christmas time!!!!! 馃巹馃巹

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

So go big or go home, right? 馃槄 A month ago I had no idea WHATSOEVER about what to do in December with my kids. I like having some sort of a countdown before Christmas (like this one from last year) but my mind was blank and I kind of gave up . . . It's seems that giving up works wonders for me because the idea came as soon as I said "no countdown this year".

I didn't create the material I'll be using myself but as always I put my own spin on it.

So this the original material which I got a year ago on TeachersPayTeachers

It was created by Lucky Little Learners and costs only $10. It's a really good price for the amount and quality of materials you get 馃槏 Inside this bundle you get around 20 pages of information about Holiday traditions around the world (in colour and black and white) and accompanying comprehension questions; you also get materials to create a lapbook based on the information and some more goodies.

So what is the Montenglish spin, you ask? Well .... I've created kind of an escape room using the materials 馃榿 Here's my idea step-by-step:

The puzzle board

I used the black and white information posters to create a display on one of the boards in my classroom. But . . . I've deleted all the information from the posters except for the headings and pictures. The headings in the material are: Family Traditions, Fun Facts, Food & Drinks, Santa (or a corresponding name/tradition).

I've printed all the colour posters on sticker paper and cut them up into sections corresponding to the headings. My kids' task will be to get the cut up pieces and stick them on the blank B-W posters. So what they'll be doing is kind of completing a big puzzle 馃槉

But how will they get the pieces . . . ? ? ?

The 'escape room' bit 馃攼

To get the pieces of the puzzle they will need to open a padlocked box with the pieces inside!!! There are two padlocks on my box, each with a three digit lock. My brother helped me put on the hinges this morning 馃槏 I got the padlocks from FlyingTiger.