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I ❤️ professional development! VOL. 1: the course begins

I had been waiting for a really long time to begin the course I began last Friday. Why? It's not because I had no time or money, no no. It's because the course had not existed up until a year ago! But now it's here and I could not be happier I've stated it 😍

The course is organised by Montessori Stiftung Berlin and yes, you are right in thinking that I travelled to Germany for it. I left my comfort zone ... literally and metaphorically.

The course, as it's website says, aims to "merge Montessori principles and principles of Language Learner Autonomy to enable participants to further develop their didactic approach". And so far it does what it says on the box 😄

I meat a great group of like-minded people who understand that learning a foreign language in a Montessori setting can be done following the Montessori principles!

I started learning about the importance of human tendencies and how to incorporate them in my English teaching. I learnt how to use the three period lesson as a basis for a project. I learnt how to approach grammar in a true Montessori classroom. I read and analysed a text concerning choice and perceived control according to Montessori pedagogy and understood how by not giving your students choice you might actually hinder their learning 😱

I finally learnt how to read as well 😜 Yeah, you read that right. I actually learnt to read a text and learn from it as I'm reading it and remembering what I've just read! No more reading something important and forgetting it a day later 🎉🎉🎉

I have a homework to do before Module 2 begins. I have to think about my prepared environment. You know I love my prepared environment but I want to keep making it better and better! I already know one thing that's missing from it and trust me it'll be changing this week! Stay tuned to see how 😉 I also have a list I made today of things I now want to read/make/check/share/watch. The list has 16 different points on it 😅 So I know I'm going to be quite busy for the next few weeks ... scratch that .... I'll be busy till the end of this school year cause this list is inspired only by Module 1!

I feel that I'm learning so much ❤️ I know I will have to change some things about my teaching and it will take a lot of getting used to and being brave and persistent in leaving my comfort zone but I feel like it's going to be worth all the effort 😊

So now I'm off to read "Montessori: the Science behind the Genius" by Angeline Still Lillard and you may check out some pictures I took during the course 🙂

Oooo! And also I'm SO going to study German again! Just try and stop me! 😁

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