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Tense comparison for the busy teacher 😉 Present Perfect vs. Past Simple

I come to you today with a new type of material. It's not new for me, though, because I've made it a year ago 😅 So you know about my Translation Task Cards: it's a self-study material for the students which helps them practise the difference between two or more grammar points. My students work with them on their own when they need to revise or practise a certain grammar point. They swear by them! Once you go through close to 100 sentences comparing the use of two tenses, you're pretty sure guaranteed to understand when to use which.

Last year, at the time when my class were revising the tenses one of the kids was off sick for a long time. I needed something for her to practise at home and I wasn't really keen on prepping a whole new set of cards. The printing, the laminating, the cutting, the sellotaping ... yeah ... I'm fully aware of how much time it takes. So I decided to screen shot each card from the file on my computer and put them into slides. Then I recorded myself explaining the answers for her. Without my narration it looked like this:

This year, I needed to quickly revise two tenses with the whole class and I didn't have time to wait for each of them to work with the cards individually. With their workload from the other subjects, it would have taken two weeks at least before each one of them had the time to actually work with the cards. And then I remembered my slides! I hooked my computer up to the smart board and we worked with the slides together. Each student was writing their answers in their notebooks and then we were checking and explaining the correct answers together.

We'll be doing it again next week and I thought to myself that maybe some of you would find it more useful to have the slides instead of the Task Cards or maybe you'd like to have both. So I uploaded my Present Perfect vs. Past Simple Slides to the MonteShop! 🥳 Hope, you'll find them useful 😊

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