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You've got one mission - Condition Mission!! 🕵🏻‍♀️

After publishing Prepositional Phrases game and Passive Voice Choice, what was missing from my collection? A game to practise conditional sentences 😀 I really wanted to make one for ages and the inspiration finally struck! It lets your students practise 0, 1st and 2nd conditional.

Condition Mission is a racing game, as in the first person to get to the finish line wins the game. To move along your track you have to pick up a card and complete the task on the card correctly. For the correct answer you get to move one step forward, but for a wrong answer, you have to move one step back! So you don't need a dice to play it (there's one in the picture ... I got overexcited when staging the photo 🤪).

There are two kinds of task cards. The first kind gives you half of a conditional sentence, and your task is to fill the other half with the right form of the verb. So you need to recognise the conditional and remember the rule of forming the sentence. The other card type has a sentence in Polish on it (my students are all Polish) and it has to be translated into the right English conditional sentence. All the words are provided, so all you need to remember is how to arrange them into a conditional sentence. Isolation of difficulty, baby! 🤩

As always, all the cards have the correct answers hidden in the QR codes so I can leave my kids to practise on their own and go and make myself some coffee ☕️

As you can see in the picture above, there is a task card which has all the necessary words in English but no Polish translation. I made these because I know that some of my readers are not Polish and that you guys might want to get the cards in your language. So the empty cards are EDITABLE PDFs 😁 Once you get the game, you can add the sentence in your language. I'm very excited about that option because I've only recently learnt how to do that.

Ok, so back to the game rules. It would be quite boring if players could only move one step forwards or backwards throughout the whole game. Enter: the BOOST and OBSTACLE cards, named so in keeping with the game's theme ... it is a mission after all 😝

I've made 4 kinds of 'boost' cards and four kinds of 'obstacle' cards. As you can probably imagine the boost cards make you happy, for example, you get to pick another card or, even better, you get to move one of your opponents back. The obstacle cards, however, make the game more difficult. You might get moved to the starting point of the game for an incorrect answer or miss your turn.

But how do you get the boost and obstacle cards, I hear you ask. Well ... some of the task cards are marked with three question marks. If you pick a card with the question marks, you have to pick a boost/obstacle card as well. The exciting part is, you don't know which one you'll get 😉

The game has been played ... trust me ... it was exciting! 😃 Going back and forth all the time; not knowing when the boost or obstacle card will come; being able to move your opponents back ... SO MUCH TENSION!!! I really recommend is! I honestly think it's the best game I've made so far.

So? What do you think? Will you get Condition Mission for your students? I guarantee you, this is the most enjoyable way to practise conditionals 🥳

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