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Here to stay! My favourite teaching apps and websites: Blooket

Part three of Here to Stay says hello 馃槃 In this series of blog posts I'm writing about the apps and websites which have become my everyday life since March 2020. In the previous posts I covered Flipgrid (you can read about it here) and Glogster (you can read about it here). Today, I'll tell you about Blooket!

Blooket is a great website for creating and playing games with your students. And if there is one thing that I love creating and assigning to my students, it's games ... as you can see here, and here, and here, and here, and here 馃槄 But with online teaching I needed something virtual and Blooket turned out to be my kids' absolute favourite when it comes to language game platforms.

Most of Blooket's features are completely free. So here's how it works: once you register and create an account, you can either browse the "Discover" section which is full of games created by other people, or you can create your own games. All the games you play on Blooket follow the 'question + A/B/C/D answer' pattern. I use it mostly for vocabulary learning but I also created some grammar sets for my kids, things like 'which verb form should we put in this sentence'.

When making a set, you may choose if you want to make it public or private. Your private sets will not appear in the "Discover" section. There are then two ways in which you can add questions to your set.

Adding your questions manually is pretty straight forward. Just have a look at the picture below

You just keep adding questions using this template. I, however, definitely prefer the second option of importing your Quizlet sets! 馃槂 First of all, creating vocabulary sets in Quizlet i