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I can't stop! More Scrambled Sentences!!

It seems that I've opened a door in my head that cannot be closed 馃槀 I've made another set of Scrambled Sentences!

Yup, it's for Passive Voice 馃ぉ It's composed of 13! sets. There are two sets for each of the following: Present Simple, Past Simple, Present Perfect, Future Simple, modal verbs. There are also 3 sets for mixed practice.

I created it because I feel that there are a lot of activities for changing Active Voice into Passive Voice, but not many for simply creating Passive Voice sentences. So I wanted my kids to get something to practise that 馃檪

Just like with the Present Perfect set, I decided not to create the add-on activity for this set. With Passive Voice it's more about knowing how to create the sentences more than changing one into another. The activity felt a bit superfluous.

I think it's a good idea to practise Passive Voice with Scrambled Sentences before playing Passive Voice Choice. Together, these two materials will work wonders ... I think ... I literally just made it 馃お But I know that Scrambled Sentences work for my kids in general, so combined with a great game it should work brilliantly! (What's the expression? Blow your own trumpet? 馃槀)

There is one more idea budding in my head 馃槈 I'm not going to say much at this point, but here's a little teaser:

Watch this space 馃槈 and ...

Get your Scrambled Sentences:Passive Voice here!!!