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I can't stop! More Scrambled Sentences!!

It seems that I've opened a door in my head that cannot be closed 😂 I've made another set of Scrambled Sentences!

Yup, it's for Passive Voice 🤩 It's composed of 13! sets. There are two sets for each of the following: Present Simple, Past Simple, Present Perfect, Future Simple, modal verbs. There are also 3 sets for mixed practice.

I created it because I feel that there are a lot of activities for changing Active Voice into Passive Voice, but not many for simply creating Passive Voice sentences. So I wanted my kids to get something to practise that 🙂

Just like with the Present Perfect set, I decided not to create the add-on activity for this set. With Passive Voice it's more about knowing how to create the sentences more than changing one into another. The activity felt a bit superfluous.

I think it's a good idea to practise Passive Voice with Scrambled Sentences before playing Passive Voice Choice. Together, these two materials will work wonders ... I think ... I literally just made it 🤪 But I know that Scrambled Sentences work for my kids in general, so combined with a great game it should work brilliantly! (What's the expression? Blow your own trumpet? 😂)

There is one more idea budding in my head 😉 I'm not going to say much at this point, but here's a little teaser:

Watch this space 😉 and ...

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